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  1. I would never presume to correct you as I have thoroughly enjoyed these recaps, but I have a similar item to the one on Lister’s dressing table and it is a glove stretcher.

    1. I have two antique curling irons that look like hers, & given that there was a hair-dressing scene, it made sense. Perhaps the various tools are just similar?

      1. I think curling irons would have wooden handles or you couldn’t hold them. They look really similar but what’s on the table are glove stretchers.

  2. I was puzzled by the attack as it certainly makes sense that the Rawsons were behind it, they certainly seem like the type to use this tactic…BUT the the attacker warned her off Miss Walker?! I don’t know that the Rawsons are clever enough to misdirect like that? Wondering if someone else is behind it….
    I really felt for Anne when she was walking back and expressing that every time she thought she was coping with rejection and that Ann was too timid….she was drawn right back in!! very real….

    1. I wonder if she was just telling her dad that — or maybe trying to convince herself that, to avoid the idea of homophobia? IDK. While, at first, the attack seemed connected to Lister’s affair with Walker, it could also be that the Rawsons suspected she was getting money from Walker for a new coal pit (which their mom hinted at, however crudely). So a mix of both perhaps.

      And oh she’s so torn up about Walker! Just heart-wrenching.

    2. I’m thinking the measles wouldn’t be a concern for Ann’s health just because she’d already have had them in childhood…as it was almost impossible to avoid them.

  3. Poor Ann, I don’t blame her for being terrified to the point of nightmares. Being with Anne openly is a huge deal that will change her whole life forever and Ann is not a woman accustomed to taking chances. But as Anne pointed out Lesbianism is not a criminal offense though male homosexuality is – which is kind of interesting in itself – and anyway I think they stopped hanging gays at about this time. You recall Oscar Wilde served a prison sentence instead.
    Is that a black pearl ring?
    According to wikipedia, after their marriage Anne and Ann did a lot of traveling on the continent including mountain climbing for Anne. You could get a few good plots out of that. And the arguments about money mentioned in comments on the last episode.

    1. The laws against homosexual acts are very contradictory & arbitrary, alas.

      When she ordered the ring, Lister said what kind of gems it was, but dang, I can’t remember now!

        1. Interesting choice. Was onyx a fashionable stone at the time or did it have some meaning for Anne?

          1. Onyx was believed to be a symbol of strength, calm, and stability in the regency. Diamonds meant pure love and fidelity. It was common in the period to have hidden meanings or secret messages based on the stones used in a wedding/engagement ring.
            You can almost see that Ann was trying to protect Anne by the careful choice of ring she wanted her to wear. That is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Starting the series in her later years was likely purposeful by Wainwright, showing the final love interest in Anne’s life (with the best outcome Anne could have had, given the crap choice she had with either married women or women on their way to marriage). While there were many other trysts she had, Mariana Belcombe Lawton was, seemingly the love of Anne’s life. Bravo to her for not settling for second best. Wainwright shows her highly principled views, when she gives that speech in the previous episode (not wanting to take Walker’s money nor be with her if Walker were to marry a man for appearance sake.) Miss Walker was a prudent choice from an intellectual standpoint for Anne, but Wainwright shows the evolution of her flirtation changing into love–falling for her more deeply–than she thought she would… What is it about lesbians and being cray cray?! I have to say it’s an irritation in modern life too.
    BTW, The dream sequence was amazeballs! I’m not crying you are…

      1. I love your recaps. I spent the weekend reading 2 Anne Lister biographies! They did extensive traveling after their marriage. I’d love to see that in season 2.

    1. It’s unfair to call Ann cray-cray. She is suffering from PTSD and faced with a fairly devestating choice. Everybody can’t be as self aware, strong minded and courageous as Anne. She is exceptional regardless of sexual preference.

  5. Mumsy Sutherland’s outfit makes me super happy for some reason. It’s like every “old biddy” outfit combined into one!

  6. Am I the only straight viewer who thinks Anne Lister is looking better and better as a prospective mate? Tender, supportive and unbelievably patient. Not to mention good looking with a snappy dress sense.

    1. No, you’re not. Anne Lister is a wonderful choice for a spouse. I’m straight and feel the same. I cried along with Anne in these scenes. So poignant and at times full of hope.

      It looks like Miss Catherine Rawson is someone who thinks for herself. Not like Miss Rampant Homophobic spy or Nosy Gossip Neighbor.

      I’m wondering if the Edinburgh MD treatment will have to do with a hysterectomy bc he’ll diagnose she’s oversexed, etc.

      1. I interpret Miss Rawson’s attitude as ‘I don’t know how I feel about your sexuality but I can see you are a good and caring person, not a predator.’
        Did they do hysterectomies that long ago?

        1. 1830s not sure but I do know that they were done during the late Victorian Era as well as drugging women senselessly.

          Any Frock Flicks fans with more medical knowledge, please feel free to comment.

  7. Maybe the 2nd season will go back in time to show more about Mariana Lawson and Tib… even if it’s as flashbacks. We shall see!

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