22 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All September

  1. I’ve been watching The Gilded Age (several months behind, I know) this week, and so far I’m a little underwhelmed. The costumes are beautiful, but I’m a little over the drama of rich beautiful people.

    On the flip side, I just finished A League of Their Own, and that was marvelous. I recommend it to everyone!

    1. I learned recently that much of it is filmed in Troy, NY, which isn’t far from me. Now I have to watch it, though based on posts here, I’m not thrilled to!

    2. Katie O, If you haven’t already, hop over to primetimer.com and check out the The Gilded Age forum! We have some great discussions about all the things you mention. It’s great fun!

  2. I have almost finished so many things (1 or 2 episodes left) that I should probably focus on those. Nothing too historical (other than Agent Carter). I get distracted by my shiny shiny phone.

  3. I might go see the new Tilda Swinton/Idris Elba movie this weekend. He plays a genie. Nuff said. :)

      1. Saw it on Sunday, and you’re absolutely right! My only problem was that several times, I thought it was over, and then there was another scene. :)

  4. We all though the Dakota Johnson Persuasion was the worst….but then Amazon coughed up something entitled “Modern Persuasion.” Not a frock flick, but I did think, oh, why not, maybe it does a better job. Oh no. One nice thing was Bebe Neuwirth in the Lady Russell role, and I clicked for that reason. But if anyone is fooled into thinking, like me, that maybe it’s a hidden gem or even that it’s a better modernization of the Jane Austen story – nope right past it.

  5. The trailer for The English with Emily Blunt is here! The Great Bobby Pin Shortage strikes again! Typical Western!

    1. Thanks for the trailer, looks like a great cast, but I am not especially fond of Westerns. I just don’t get why they leave the hair flowing. It stays cleaner if it’s braided and tucked up. And you can see where you are riding. It’s just so stupid!

  6. I saw the new Elvis biopic. I liked it a LOT, especially Austin Butler’s amazing turn as The King (you either love Baz or you don’t). But I did wonder what youall thought of the costuming. I particularly liked some of the costuming in the 50s and early 60s, but it’s not my expertise …

  7. I’m planning on seeing Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris this weekend before it leaves theaters. I’ve seen hardly any movies this summer, it’s been underwhelming, especially for Frock Flicks. I’m hoping for for better choices this fall as we approach awards season.

  8. This popped up as an item on a local TV station’s website over the weekend:

    Caroline Shelnut, a “creative arts coordinator” at a local retirement center, came up with a novel project to engage the residents she works with– she says the standard arts and crafts projects they do “can get stale pretty quickly if I don’t think outside the box.”

    So this summer, they started “time traveling.” Caroline dresses the residents in “period” costumes she’s cobbled together and shoots their portraits with a digital camera for what she dubs a “Renaissance photo project.”

    The costuming is understandably just thrown together from “curtains, tablecloths, and thrift store finds”– and, of course– “This is somebody’s David’s Bridal prom dress.”

    But even if the costumes aren’t really “period accurate” in any way and are obviously made from odds and ends, Caroline really has an eye for what she’s doing and captures an impressive level of “period” feel in her finished portraits.

    And the important thing, of course, is that the seniors love it and are proud of their portraits.

    As Caroline says about her project, “I want them to see themselves the way that I see them. As wonderful, valuable and beautiful human beings.”

    Check out the original article here:


  9. Recently finished up A League of Their Own, just watched Elvis, and looking forward to watching Sandman, She-Hulk, Wednesday and Blonde.

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