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  1. Tried to watch The Empress on Netflix but could not make it through one episode due to the costuming. Can’t wait to hear some official snark!

    1. That’s exactly what I came here to say! I wanted to like it, but the costumes, hair and the weird dancing kept pulling me out of the story. I’m dying to read what your verdict is, can’t wait! X

    2. Ppl have been requesting a review of that show so I watched the first ep. this week & MEH. The costumes are bad & the story is boring! I’m busy w/recapping 2 shows right now so I don’t have the bandwidth to do a full review — maybe Kendra or Sarah can watch another ep or two & screencap some of the hideousness ;)

    3. Elizabeth was an incredibly bad choice for the empire and for Franz Joseph himself but to be fair it wasn’t her fault she was a borderline personality incapable of dealing with the pressures of Imperial life. She definitely OCD and seems to have been a sexual but not aromantic. She had terrible heredity as a Wittlesbach, a family with numerous mentally ill members, and Franz basically giving her whatever she wanted didn’t help her issues. Or course not catering to her probably wouldn’t have helped either.
      Franz continued to love her and felt that she loved him – which perhaps she did as much as she was capable.

    4. Thank you for that comment. Every review of “The Empress” I read is gushing over the costumes so much I started to think there is something wrong with me. Because I was not gushing, i was yelling at the screen (when I wasn’t facepalming).

    5. I only saw the trailer but I had to raise my eyebrows so much at the costumes… My first thought was, “Can’t wait to see FF snark on this.”

      I had no idea what they were trying to do! It was so distractingly awful!

  2. I enjoyed the interview with Nille Glaesel so much. Went to Netflix to rent The Northman, but was scared off by all the negative reviews. I no longer have any slack for shows about horrible men behaving badly in underlit movies. Tell me it is watchable?

  3. Was thinking about seeing Amsterdam this weekend – it takes place in 1918 & the 1930’s. It got mixed reviews.

  4. I know you guys don’t like westerns that much (I normally don’t either); but I wound up watching the Yellowstone prequel 1883 last week by accident. I was pleasantly surprised at how good some of the women’s costumes were, in particular the bustle dresses and the undergarments, although the leading lady looks like she’s going to Coachella in later episodes (at one point she monologues in voice over about “my corset is a prison” – you could tell the show was written by a man) and it seems that the was a hairpin shortage on set too – I kept internally screaming for them to pull their hair back and wear a proper hat. Still enjoyed it in spite of all that.

    1. ” (at one point she monologues in voice over about “my corset is a prison” – you could tell the show was written by a man) ”

      Uh, don’t a ridiculously large number of actresses make similar “corset whining” statements in interviews without any help or input whatsoever from men?

  5. I really, really, REALLY hope you review “Catherine, Called Birdy”. It’s based on one of my favorite books. They cast the perfect actress as the lead, but a lot of the story is full of anachronistic feminism (which was not in the book) and the costuming is atrocious! So many What the Frock moments!

    1. Oh I agree, I was seriously disappointed by the script and the costumes, and it’s such a lovely book. Not the actress’s fault (any of them, really), but someone couldn’t resist “improving” the story, in frankly terrible ways. And the costumes. Geez.

      1. I just watched the movie. They had to ruin the story with the ending, by injecting 21st century feminism/family values. The original YA novel managed to portray the protagonist and her world in an interesting, lively way, making her a worthy and remarkable character without having to resort to a sudden twist that made no sense (there was a last-minute twist, but it made sense given the conditions of the time). Acting was good. Costumes seemed kind of generic.

  6. Noped out on Blonde after ten minutes! I was so bored/horrified! I’m glad I did. By all accounts it was pretty terrible!

  7. WHY can’t designers get 16th century costuming right??? We’re not talking an obscure ancient culture with limited visual sources here! If makes me NUTS!!!!!

    1. Especially when there’s SO much readily available contemporary portraiture by the likes of Holbeain, Clouet and Bronzino that’s INCREDIBLY detailed when it comes to clothing and hairstyles/headgear…

      1. ACK! Holbein (having trouble with message window displaying right,, can’t see posts well enough to check for typos until it’s posted)

  8. “Les combattantes” Netflix coproduction, should be watchable there soon.
    Same team as the Bonfire of Destiny.
    WW1 : The hore, the nun, the nurse and the widow.
    Ugly prom pics : hair, tits…
    The Widow, Caroline, has got some nice outfits and hats.

  9. I just watched the latest episode of Serpent Queen and WTFrock is going on with Princess Mary’s headgear?! A “Juliet” cap? A stuffed, gold lamé mini bum roll? Also, why isn’t Rahilia wearing a cap? Why isn’t Catherine wearing a cap?

  10. Is anyone else having issues with posting where only the top half of one line is all you can see in the posing window? Or is it just some weirdness with me? (I have to have my computer display with large type to be able to read it, but this was only ever a problem just recently….)

  11. I Know Some Of You Understand French, I Recently Found A Classic French Family Saga Called “Les Boussardel” from 1972 In 5 Episodes, that Spans from 1815 to the Mid-1950’s, If I Send A Link Would Any Of You Watch and Review it?????

  12. Can Sarah do a bit on The Court Jester? The lead women’s outfits are terrible (historically speaking) but the men’s are too bad.

    Also, I suggest a Man Candy Monday for Timothy Hutton

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