10 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Costume Recap & Podcast: Season 6, Episode 7

  1. I enjoyed this episode for so many reasons: Edith’s, Cora’sand Mary’s clothes, Rosamund’s clothes, Laura’s clothes, Henry (*sigh*), Mary’s showing her care for Henry and the fear of losing him, ergo she chickens out. Understandable. But most of all, is that Mary is actually being less snarky to her sister, Edith and Edith’s reaction. Glad of Bertie’s proposal.
    Favourite clothes: Mary’s dinner gowns, the red dress she wore at wedding, all of Edith’s, ditto Cora’s and Rosamund’s.
    Tiya is spelled Tiye (Nefertiti’s mother-in-law).

    What next wedding bells?

    1. I am constantly puzzled by Mary’s hair. It’s perfectly lovely from the front, but then she turns and you see that ugly “beaver tail” in the back! Is this authentic to the period?

      1. Where it comes to a point at the nape? Yep! That was pretty common for her style of bob. It’s funny, though, because I really like it! It has a neat, balanced, geometric quality with the angled points in front- very Art Deco. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and all! :-)

        1. I too adore Mary’s haircut. Reminds me of the book covers for Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher Mysteries. Unfortunately, you must have straight hair to make it work. Any curl and it’s not a pretty sight.

          1. Thankfully there were other styles of Bob’s intended for curly hair. You can get that tousled Clara Bow look!

  2. Although I love Lady Mary’s look hairwise, I love my hair long. I know that the TV Phryne’s Haiti’s even in the back, but I was speaking about book covers. I believe, tho I’m no expert, that Lady Mary’s hairstyle came first and the even back was later.

  3. Oh my! I totally have Lady Cora’s straw hat from when she returned to the Abbey after the races. It was originally my mothers and it was purchased in the 80’s and was bought at a little shop in Barbados.
    I need to pull it out of it’s box and make sure the straw is still in good shape!

    1. I loved that hat. My favourite characters on the show are Cora, Robert (yes, I ship Cobert), Mary, Edith, Anna, Daisy, Tom, Sybil when she was alive, Mrs Hughes, Thomas the evil Butler, and Mrs Patmore & of course Lady Violet and Mrs Crawley.

      I do think that these Ladies have clothes to die for.

  4. I love the show — and I was a late-comer to the series; I only just watched almost all of Downton Abbey via Amazon fire. I’m sad to see it ending. I’ve loved watching the changing styles to reflect the period of time over the course of the series – BUT I just want to say of all the characters, I absolutely DETESTED most of Sybil’s ‘frocks.’ Except for a few scenes in the first season, they dressed and fitted Sybil’s character with awful clothing. From her hair to her boat neck shaped blouses, the actresses body type was either purposely frumped up or they did not bother to customize to her body type. Even Edith’s clothes didn’t look as frumpy as Sybil. Also, what were they thinking with Sybil’s hair? Could they not be bothered to accentuate the actresses natural beauty by fixing her up-swept hair a little better? Then when the actress chopped her tresses into a blunt shorter cut, it looked even worse. It’s as if they were trying to downplay “Sybil” so that Mary would shine even more…or the costume dept didn’t have the budget and decided to cut corners when it came to Sybil’s character.

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