11 thoughts on “I Didn’t Hate Delicious (2021)

  1. I thought the film was delightful. Agreed that she was actually mature and their relationship was believable.The good costumes made up for the bad for me, and I thought the embroidery looked spot-on. I’m thinking the aristocrats’ silly hair was meant to underscore their mannered, affected, clueless, silliness.

  2. All I saw was the food. The only costume shot I remember was all the pastel dresses of the customers sitting and eating.

  3. The male actor’s costume reminds me very much of Brian Blessed’s and Richard Briers’ costumes in Much Ado About Nothing. The hair on the aristos is so horrible that it makes me smile. I haven’t seen this one, but you might have just convinced me to take a chance on it! :)

  4. I saw the movie. The whole story of a great restaurant in the nowhere in France is just so stupid such as many costumes (of we take in account that it should be 1789) … not to mention the horrible beard!

      1. We have to take in account that it was mentioned in the movie that we see the first restaurant although we find restaurant recommandations in sources from the period. To go into a “Wirtshaus”/”Gasthaus” for no clear reason (marriage etc.) became popular in my region in the 1620s!

  5. The Aqua Net guy reminds me of Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary (you know what I mean). :)

  6. I’m not going to lie, the thought of aristos quite casually sleeping in their wigs THEN WEARING THEM IN PUBLIC is entirely in keeping with a certain sort of “Pfft, social etiquette is for people who can’t get daddy to buy their way out of trouble” mindset common to the annoyingly rich and provocative.

    Sadly it’s an attitude the French Revolution was able to curtail, but not stamp out.

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