7 thoughts on “Confession of a Child of the Century (2015)

  1. You took one for the team. And I now know to avoid it. What’s with the lack of Bobby pins in country? Do countrywomen in France eschew them? Or sloppiness? My vote is on sloppiness. Octave or whatever sounds like a earlier version of the ‘Cheri’ but not as pretty. And no Michelle Pfeiffer or Kathy Bates to snark at each other. This sounds incredibly boring. Molly wore the dress better in Wives and Daughters.

  2. Any man who expects True Wuv from a courtesan is a fool. Just like the men and woman who romanticize these high end sex workers as free spirits living independent of males. Nobody is more dependent on male favor than a courtesan and successful ones were cold bloodedly out for the main chance. And who can blame them? Only self absorbed narcissistic young men!

    1. Marie Duplessts, the basis for La Dame aux Camellias, was known for bragging that “Lying makes my teeth white.” No romantic ideals there.

  3. Ack.

    And if the film itself wasn’t enough, there’s this from real (allegedly) life, as noted on the film’s Wikipedia entry:

    Pete Doherty, who worked primarily as a musician, was obsessed with Charlotte Gainsbourg because of the legacy surrounding her famous father, French musician Serge Gainsbourg. During press for the film, he alleged that he and Gainsbourg had had a fling after filming and she had briefly abandoned her partner Yvan Attal and moved from Paris to London in order to be with him.

    And the source for this nugget o’ gossip is a NME article titled, “Pete Doherty: ‘Charlotte Gainsbourg won’t speak to me “.

    Did I mention “Ack”?

  4. Revenge porn is eternal. And, gosh, he’s unattractive (although Lily C. has the perfect delicate-early-Victorian look in those shots). Some pretty dresses, at least. Thank you, Kendra, for enduring such muck for us Frock Flickers.

  5. oy this sounds awful on numerous levels. It’s bizarre to me that this would happen in 2015. But then it’s not always when you’d expect that something shows some circumspection. I had to watch both the silent and 1990s versions of Last of the Mohicans. It wasn’t the silent film that made the “last Mohican” a white dude–in the silent film, the white dude was pretty tangential, in fact, and it ran much closer to the book. (Not saying it was faultless, but I sometimes think about that fact when I encounter things like this from eras that ostensibly know better.)

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