14 thoughts on “Burke & Hare, Murder & Fun

  1. So glad you discovered this! It’s one of my favorite films but very hard to find. I think we caught it on BBC America before BBCA stopped airing actual UK content.

  2. I will eventually see this. But you gave me a few ideas on my daily movie frock tweets. Thanks.

  3. John Landis. Interviewed him at a press lunch here at the Black Banana. It was for The Blues Brothers, but he gave us a preview of American Werewolf. Also got to see the Blues Brothers live that same week. Landis always makes me think of a very wired college professor. I will certainly seek out Burke and Hare. Better to get them before they get me.

  4. I suspect that’s a spencer, but it obviously was not made for that dress (or actress). The neckline is a bit widely cut though, so it wouldn’t cover up much of any exposed skin. Maybe it used to be an open front robe that’s been altered? *shrug*

  5. *falls to knees before this remarkable find* We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

  6. This reminded me to look up the play “The Doctor and the Devils” which we studied at school. (This is what happens when you go to school near Edinburgh!)

    It was made into a film in 1985. I feel it’s only fair to warn you – top cast, seriously WTF hair.

  7. One thing I liked was that they used the clothes of two main couples to show their upward mobility. Kill someone for money? Get a fancy suit! Help your husband kill a bunch of people for money? Get a super fancy dress and slightly over the top facilitator!

  8. I’m THE extra in this movie sitting on the second row .between Jessica Hynes and Simon Peggs shoulder YOU CAN JUST SEE ME in the 6th photo down Andy Serkis Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg

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