11 thoughts on “A Very British Scandal Serves Mid-Century Glam

  1. I’m seeing a preview tomorrow along with a talk with Claire Foy and Paul Bettany at the 92nd Street Y here in New York.

  2. Looking forward to this one! I believe it is part of an anthology of sorts with A Very English Scandal, which was about the Thorpe affair and similarly juicy and beautifully costumed. Also, that yellow evening dress is to die for.

    1. Okay, I’m glad there’s some connection between the two, because I can’t ever remember which one is which!

  3. The Campbells of Argyll have been scandal ridden since the late 19th c. Definitely dysfunctional.

  4. I encountered her story in Thomas Ades’ first opera: “Powder her Face.” Definitely opera-worthy.

  5. You can see her fab wedding dress when she married Charles Sweeny on Google!

  6. I’m gonna watch the shit out of that!

    Something about the mid century aesthete still works as posh, stylish and sexy and it’s just timeless. Claire Foy has never looked better.

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